Types of MMA Betting

mma betting

There are four primary types of betting in MMA: Over/Under, Moneyline, Parlay, and Method-of-victory. We will discuss each of them in turn, as well as how to choose the best one. However, before you begin placing bets on MMA matches, you should familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of betting in general. The betting oddsmakers will set prices on Over/Under totals and prices for the individual rounds based on their implied probability that the fight will go the number of rounds. Let’s look at the scenario of FIGHTER A vs. FIGHTER B, a championship match scheduled for five rounds, and you’ll notice how the Over/Under total is determined.


Betting on MMMA’s over/under totals is simple. It works much like football betting, where you can bet on both sides of the total. In MMA, however, the rounds are shorter, and fighters can use their defensive skills to outlast their opponents. Betting on the over is usually the better bet. In the following paragraphs, we will explain the different betting options available for this sport.


To bet on MMA matches, you will need to know how to bet on the moneyline. You will find the moneyline odds in bookies and online. Most online sportsbooks provide simple betting tools for you to use. When betting on the moneyline, you must bet a certain amount, such as $150, and if the fight ends in a draw, you will get only the loss. When betting on a favorite, the moneyline odds are lower than on an underdog.


Parlay MMA betting involves placing several bets with varying odds. Typically, the odds for the MMA bouts are assigned to the heavy favorites. Nevertheless, there are always underdogs who can exploit their opponent’s weaknesses. Parlaying is a great way to maximize profits without risking your entire bankroll. However, parlay betting involves risk as well. You must understand the potential payouts of your chosen fighters before placing your bet.


When you’re betting on MMA fights, you have two options when it comes to making wagers: method-of-victory bets and double chance bets. Both of these methods are effective in betting on MMA fights, but they’re different in that they involve placing a bet on the winner or the loser, as opposed to just picking who wins. In fact, it’s even possible to place a method-of-victory bet on two fighters who are both strong on the defensive side and weak on the offensive.

Online sportsbooks

When choosing an online sportsbook for your mma betting, look for one that offers excellent customer support. If you have any questions, make sure you contact the sportsbook’s customer support through live chat or email. Then, you can place your bets accordingly. There are a number of things you should look for before making a deposit, but the most important is to check if they accept your credit card.

Social media platforms

The popularity of mixed martial arts has increased immensely in recent years, and social media platforms have been a big part of this growth. With fans from all over the world, MMA has grown to become a major global sport. These social media platforms help keep fans informed and up to date with the latest MMA news. Here are five of the most popular social media platforms for MMA betting. And you may want to follow some of them!

MMA betting news

If you enjoy MMA betting, you probably also follow the latest news in this sport. While you can’t base your decision solely on the headlines, you can use MMA betting news as a valuable guide when planning your online MMA betting strategy. MMA betting news can be extremely helpful in determining the odds of certain fighters and bouts, as well as helping you determine whether a given matchup is a good bet or not.