The Domino Effect


A small rectangular wooden or plastic block that has been designed to form part of a game, and has one side bearing an arrangement of dots, called “pips” similar to those used on dice. The other sides are blank or identically patterned. Dominoes have a high center of gravity, so they resist movement unless pushed or pulled. However, a little nudge can take them past their tipping point. From there, they can move rapidly in the direction of the force acting on them. This acceleration is known as the domino effect.

The term is also applied to a sequence of events that leads to a desired result, such as a chain reaction, or when a person makes a mistake that causes others to do likewise. Domino is derived from the Latin dominus, meaning “lord,” and has been associated with the law of cause and effect.

Domino’s Pizza has an impressive domino effect on the food industry and is at the forefront of new ways to order pizza, such as texting or using devices like Amazon Echo. Their success can be attributed to the company’s strong values and willingness to listen to customers. The company has an employee satisfaction rate of 88%, which is a top rating in the food industry.

In the Domino’s Pizza Undercover Boss series, CEO Don Meij goes undercover and works at a few of their restaurants. He observes how employees interact with each other and customers. He focuses on improving their work environment by listening to their concerns and providing more training opportunities. He also implements a more relaxed dress code. These changes have a positive impact on the company’s culture and customer service.

The first thing to know about writing a novel is that it’s more like a game of domino than a typical story. That’s because the plot isn’t about action — it’s about reaction. Each scene in a novel is like a domino, and when you set up the right sequence of scenes, they can propel the story forward.

The best way to do this is to follow the principles of the domino effect. When you do this, you create an environment that’s ripe for growth, and you ensure that your customers are always satisfied. By following the steps of the Domino’s effect, you can improve your business and make a difference in the lives of your customers.