Roullete – The Odds of Winning a Single Number


The origins of Roullete can be traced back to the French Revolution, when it was banned. Despite its ban, the game soon gained popularity throughout Europe and the United States, becoming popular both in single-player games and casinos. There are many variations of Roullete, including single player and multiplayer games. No matter what the occasion may be, Roullete is sure to please. Read on for more information!


The origins of roulette are not entirely clear, though many believe that it was invented by a French monk in 1655. It is also believed that a blind French monk invented the game in order to avoid boredom during long journeys. Regardless of the origin, the game of chance has been around for centuries. Some ancient civilizations used wagon wheels to spin the numbers, and this is where the roulette game evolved.


The odds of roulette depend on the type of roulette that you are playing. The odds of European roulette, for example, favor the player over American roulette. European roulette has additional rules known as ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’. These rules also increase the player’s chances of winning. If you are new to roulette, learn the odds of playing a single number. Here are some tips for winning a roulette bet.

Special bets

There are a number of special bets in the game of Roullete, but they may differ from casino to casino and even within roulette varieties. For example, if you bet on the black number, you will receive a payout if the ball falls on the black number. Another example of a special bet is the French bet, which is called an announced bet. This type of bet requires the player to announce their choice before they place their bet. The neighbours bet is probably the most common special bet, and is found on European and French tables.

High-low bet

A High-low bet on Roullet is a type of bet in which you place a bet on one or more numbers from one to 36. The high-low bet pays even money if the ball lands on one of the black or red numbers. The green 0 and 00, on the other hand, decrease your odds. In Roullete, you can also make an even-or-odd bet, in which you place a bet on either a black or red number.